Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Cruise! Day One!

We are so lucky to be able to go on a cruise with Bapa and Nane! We left early this morning and drove to San Diego. Some how Tiffany stayed awake the entire drive which was a little bit annoying for the person sitting next to her (ME!) but over all she was a great little passenger!
Our room and Tiffany playing with her new mermaid bag stuff
Bapa helping Tiff see out the window
Tiffanys favorite thing to do....go up and down the stairs!
Bapa and Tiff getting ready for the show!Brandon and Bapa playing chess (this is only one game of like 50 that they played!)
Tiffany laying out!
Tiffany posing for me again!
Tiffany's restaurant!
Kisses for mom!
Game show time! There was a lot of music questions and dad buzzed in on one and answered "I hate music questions!" and they gave him the point!
Brandon playing too!
We had a great day! Can't wait for tomorrow!

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Marie said...

How fun Becky! I have always wanted to go on one. That is cool chess game. My boys would love it!