Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tiffany had absolutely no desire to trick or treat but she had a blast passing out candy!! We had a lot of kids come trick or treating so Dad and Tiff hung outside for a while. She decided to dress up like Tinkerbell for passing out candy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat with the cousins!

Ariel on her way to her 2nd trunk or treat at her cousins!

Ethan, Drew, Ty, & Tiffany
Tiff and Ty had a good time running around!
We didn't stay too long because there were some trunks that were decorated scary and Tiff wouldn't go around. Since she doesn't care about the candy there isn't much incentive for her so we didn't make her. We had a good time while we were there though :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin carving and Trunk or Treat!

So we finally got some time to carve pumpkins! Tiffany was really excited to do her own pumpkin. She drew the picture on the pumpkin and then she cut out the shapes with our help.

She did a really good job on hers!
We had a fourth pumpkin (because I LOVE cooking the seeds!!) so I just quickly cut out a face and then Tiffany decorated it!
The finished products!! I tried to be artistic and did an Ariel face, I think it turned out ok :)
Later on we went to the trunk or treat at church. Tiff had fun hanging out with some friends!
Dad and Tiff
She wasn't into trick or treating very much since she doesn't like candy but I wanted her to go because I like candy lol
Me and Tiff
Tiff sorting out her stuff. She liked two things...dum dums and the little play dough!
All the pumpkins lit up!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween party at preschool!!

Today is the big Halloween party at school!! Any guesses as to what Tiffany went as???? Ariel?? Yup you are right!!

Her class singing at the beginning of school. Tiffany just LOVES going to school and loves her teacher and the other kids. After singing they played some games, colored some pictures and decorated a Halloween bag.
They sang a super cute pumpkin song.
Then they went outside and picked up candy. After that they play the "freeze game." Tiffany talks a lot about the freeze game and basically its when the music is on they dance and when it stops they have to freeze. Tiff had a BLAST playing!! Just look at that face!

Her is the whole class and Mrs. Olsen! (Tiff has a crush on Harry Potter)
I'm so glad I got to go and help out at the Halloween party! Tiff loves going to preschool and Mrs. Olsen does a great job with all of the kids!

Monday, October 25, 2010

5 years of pumpkin festivals!

I thought it would be fun to post the last 5 years of family pumpkin festival pics :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My goofball!

Tiffany asked for a smoothie this morning so we made one. She is so hit and miss with it, half the time she won't drink any of it after we make it. Well today she finished it along with all 8 of her straws!! She came and showed me that she added 5 straws to her cup and I said Tiffany what are you doing with 8 straws?!?! So she then realized she didn't really have 8 and went and added 2 more. Such a goober!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Party time!

Tonight we went to a halloween party. I had a super hard time deciding what to dress up as since I can't fit into anything. So........ lakers outfits it is!! Pretty lame but what can I say?!? We had a good time anyway!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Festival!!

This is our 5th year as a family going to the pumpkin festival at Schnepf farms! Normally we go in the early afternoon but today we went in the evening. I prefer going earlier so I can get better pictures before it gets dark so next year we will have to go early!
Dad and Tiff
Tiff and Mom at the pumpkins
Dad and Tiff at the pumpkins
Tiffany using her muscles and picking a pumpkin!
Family pic!
The sun was setting and looked really cool by the sunflowers. We took a ton of pics but here are just a couple.
Tiffany and Dad
Mom and Tiff

Say cheese!
All Tiffany cared about doing was going to the big yellow slide. She remembered it from last year. She went on it over and over. Glad we went to the pumpkin festival for a slide lol!
So basically I am the meanest mom ever. Tiffany watched a Ni Hao Kai Lan and they went on a roller coaster and she said she wanted to go on one. So today I convinced her to go on this one. I shouldn't have pushed it since she is so little still but I did and off they went. Poor thing was super scared!! Thankfully it only went around 3 times. I am betting it will be a couple years before she goes on one again!
Time to go! She was pooped!!
We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go next year as a family of four!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Swimming with Reyna!

Today we got to hang out with Reyna at her hotel!! Somehow Reyna and I didn't take a picture together :( But we did have a blast hanging out and catching up!!
Tiffany was very excited to go swimming!
Lounging by the pool!
Taking a break!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary! Its going to be a very busy day so we are celebrating our anniversary tonight!
We went to Brio for dinner! It was yummy! I am so totally bummed... I meant to take a picture of our main course and I forgot :( Brandon had shrimp and scallop risotto and I had lobster bisque! Both were very good!! We never try new things so it was super fun to have something different! I did remember to take a picture of dessert!!! Brandon got the chocolate melting cake and I got a caramel creme brulee!! Yummo!!!
Happy 6th Anniversary Babe I love you!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bed time!

Tiffany has been having a lot of fun with her dolls lately. She makes them take a lot of naps and she gives them pillows and blankets. Poor Kobe gets to participate most of the time against his will, but he is a good sport! Kobe was covered earlier but he got out and laid down on top of the blanket. At least it occupied Tiff for quite some time!


One of the gifts Tiffany got for her birthday was a Tinkerbell jewelry set. She actually put them all on yesterday and went to church with her earrings, necklace and bracelets! She was pretty fashionable! Today she got all dressed up in her tinkerbell dress, jewelry and found her wand.

So cute!
Oh and don't forget the pink princess shoes!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower today!! So I have the best friend and sister in law ever!! Bonnie and Jenn had a baby shower for me today!! We had a blast!!
I love all the cute decorations!
Me and the happy little princess before she left with Uncle Eric and her cousins!
Pat, Sarah, & Denise
Me and Sam
Little Braylon and Ma Barker
Candy game!! You had to figure out the match to certain saying like "Boys Names" was Mike and Ike. Best part of the game.....I got to take home the candy board!!! YUM!
Babies hanging out!
Me and my belly :)
Opening gifts :)
Dana, Paige, Me and Tiff
Me, Tracy and Jett. Now if only I can look as good as Tracy does after having the baby!!
4 Generations!!!
Monica, Angie, Me and Braylon. I can't believe how big Monica is now!! She was my flower girl!
Berkeley, Lauren and Me
Tamera, Me, Pam & Ashlea
Mom and Me
Me and Micki
Bon, Me and Jenn
I had such a great time and it was so great seeing everyone! Thank you to everyone for coming and the great gifts and Thank you to Bonnie and Jenn for giving me such a great shower!!