Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Brandon went and played in the Turkey Bowl and Tiffany and I went and watched for a little bit. Then before we left for turkey dinner we watched a little football and Tiffany decided to decorate Leah! Leah was a good sport and sat very still while Tiffany put stuff all over her!
Then we headed over to Aunt Nancys house.
Its a miracle!!! Tiffany actually ate turkey!!! Of course she thought it was chicken but this is huge for us!
As usual a holiday family pic!
Me and my brothers! I swear we didn't coordinate our colors!
Us with Mom!
Me and MFG!!
After Aunt Nancys we headed over to Phil and Tameras. We are so glad they decided to move down here from CA!!
Tiffany loves her cousin Ashley! And Ashley was so good about playing with Tiffany!
We had a great day and now its over and that means...Time for Christmas!

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