Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Cruise! Day Three!

Today we are going to Catalina Island! It was really beautiful outside today!
On the little boat that takes us to the islandThere he is....Mr. Hairy Chest! People didn't stop talking about him the entire trip!
On the island
We had talked about going to the beach and Tiffany was really excited! Once we got there she was a little bit nervous.
Had to break out the video camera for Tiffanys first time at the beach!
She got over being nervous very quickly and had a great time playing in the sand!
Hi Bapa and Nane!
Our little family :)
I love the beach!
Dad and Tiff playing in the water!
Whoa that little wave came up quick! She wasn't sure what to think!
Cheese! I love the beach!
Family pic!
This was the funniest thing ever! I had a little bag of doritos next to me and all the sudden I hear--swoosh--and I look and a stinking seagull had grabbed the bad of doritos!! Brandon tried to get the bag but that seagull was fast!
Our little sunbather!
Our animal for the night...a frog! Tiffany rushed back to the room after dinner to see what animal it would be!

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