Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

What's up dude?

Chili and corn bread over at the Daniels. Great Grama and Grandpa had some treats for the kids!

Family pic!

Biker dude and Rapunzel

Time to go trick or treating!

First house of the night!

Brandon gave Blake his bucket and he held on to it for dear life!

Candy for Blake!

Daddy and Blake :)


Our two kiddos!

Ethan and Drew used pillow cases for their candy and they filled them up!

He's such a cute little man!!
Happy Halloween!!


Tiffany's outfit for school on Halloween!

Time to carve pumpkins!

It's hard work carving a pumpkin!

Blake didn't want to miss out!

Such a good helper!

I wanted to get a cute pic of the kids together but Blake wouldn't hold still...what a surprise!

Tiff and Dad and the finished pumpkin!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party

Tonight we went to a Halloween party. Kristin and I dressed up as Toddlers and Tiara's.

Brandon was Charlie Sheen lol

Kenny and Kristin

Game time! I can't remember what Amber and Dustin were doing but it was funny! Brandon and I had to eat a raw jalapeno....that was dumb....We have never eaten a raw jalapeno. We were dying!!! We ran into the kitchen, Dustin got us glasses of milk to drink and then he gave me some butter to put in my mouth (weird I know but it worked). Needless to say Brandon and I won't be eating raw jalapenos any time soon!!

Some of the girls!

Toddler and Tiara fight! We both wanted the crown lol
 We had a fun night! Can't wait until next year!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trunk or treat

Tonight was the trunk or treat at church. They had lots of fun little games, cup cake walk, crafts and then the cars all line up for the trunk or treat. Blake was a biker dude. He didn't want to wear his dew rag!

Hey Blake!

Ariel Tiffany and a bat thing she made.

Tiff and Emerson showing each other what they got.

Hey we know that guy!!

Family pic!

Tiffany eating a twix. One of the only candy bars she will eat. She was very excited that she got a lot of Twix's!

Literature Parade

Today was the literature day parade at school. Instead of dressing up in any costume at school they have to dress up as a character from a book. Tiffany was Fancy Nancy. I was scheduled to volunteer at school today so I was there the entire day. The kids had a fun time!

Some of the kids in Tiffany's class marching in the parade :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

6th year at the pumpkin festival!

Annual pumpkin festival picture! This is the 6th time taking a family picture in this spot!

Kids riding the school bus!

More kids riding the bus lol

All the kids riding the bus!

Blake and Mom

Watching the pig races

Blake wanted to go volunteer

Mom and Tiff riding the bee

Tiffany loves the slides!

A train down the slide! Blake wasn't too sure about it!

Tiffany and Camden riding the bee!

Every year Tiffany asks to go down the yellow slide!

Time to pick a pumpkin!

Blake claimed his!

Daddy and his kiddos!

We had a fun time this year but we went a little later than normal and it got dark too fast. Next year we will go earlier!