Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day!

Its Christmas day!!! Tiffany was sooo excited to come downstairs and see what Santa brought for her! But of course we made her take a picture first!!
Tiffany and Blake on Blakes first Christmas!
Mamaw and Grandpa Westbrook came over to watch Tiffany open her presents :)
Kobe had to check out Tiffanys presents :)
Ariel bath doll!
Tiffany had me tell Santa that she really wanted this Pop the pig game....good thing he brought it for her! He also brought the princess play center. Wow she must have been good this year!
Tiff and Dad playing the pig game :)
Family pic before we headed over to Eric and Jenns for brunch!
Uncle Dan and Aunt April with Blake
Cousin Ty was excited to open his present!
Tiffany loves her new Tangled toys!
Not sure why this pic got turned???
Grandpa was so cute opening his present!
Say cheese Uncle Scott!
Holy moly! Look at this big ol art set! Dan and April you can come clean up after Tiffany plays with it :)
Aunt Jenn has my little niece in there!!! Can't wait to meet her!
Me and Jenn :)
Three brothers and me :)
Another family shot!
Tiff loves her brother!
Tiff and Blake
Tiff had to model her new dress :)
We had a wonderful Christmas as a family of four!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!!
We headed over to Brandons brother Phils house for dinner and they really did it up!! We had a delicious turkey feast! Thanks Phil and Tamra!!
Grandma and Grandpa Shipley with Blake :)
Mom and Blake
Dad and Blake
I thought this picture was funny... Blake is like Whats up Dad?!!?
Tiffany had the best time playing with Grandpa and Ashley!
A cute pic with Grandma and Grandpa!
Yup this is a real picture...Tiffany actually let Grandpa pick her up and she was still smiling!!
Tiffany is always coming to check on Blake (oh the big white flower was an accident...I forgot her bow at home and that one was in the car and she insisted on wearing it. Oh well.)
Tiffanys new favorite movie...Despicable me!
FOR ME?!!?!
Phil was excited to get a video game!
Dad and his little princess :)
Happy Birthday Grandpa!! What a fun new guitar!
Ash and Tiff! Thanks for the jewelry box Ashley!
Ashley holding Blake :)
We had a super fun time over at Phil and Tamras! It was great to spend time with family on Christmas Eve :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today was a great day!
First Tiffany decided that she needed to pull out all of the presents that were under the tree and arrange them in a line. This was just one of many different lines!

Blake slept for most of the present re-arranging!
Then it was time to leave for the mall. The goal was to take both kids to see Santa (we waited until Blake was born so we could have them both in the picture!) but Tiffany has been saying that she doesn't want to see santa. She was excited to go to the Disney store and the playground at the park. We also bribed her with going to build-a-bear after they saw Santa.
This is what she decided to wear!! Love the outfit :)
While we waited in line for santa it started "snowing" and Tiff had fun playing in it.
She loved the "snow"
Santa time!!! Tiffany was not having it...she kept trying to hide behind me and it took forever to get her that close to santa and of course by then Blake was so over it so her is the picture I have been waiting for lol! (and yes Tiffany is sitting on my knee and I am bending out of the picture!)
Blake and I while Tiff played on the playground.
Tiff and her build a bear box. She decided to make Frost the snowman.
So it didn't go quite as I planned but thats ok, in the long run I got my picture of the kids with Santa :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blake & Sister

We have a picture just like this of Tiff when she was a baby :)
Tiffany loves holding her new brother!
Tiff fell asleep on the floor (this is super rare for her!) and I couldn't resist putting Blake by her!
Holding Blake again :)