Friday, December 25, 2009

Chistmas Day!

Its Christmas morning! Santa has come and gone!
Santa left Tiffany a bike and a vacuum! She was super excited! She got on the bike right away! Good thing santa put it together before he left!
We told Tiffany she could pick any of the gifts to open first, of course she went for the big one in cinderella wrapping. What could it be?? Ohh its the princess mirror piano that she has been hoping for!
She loves it!! In fact she didn't want to open up anything else after that!
Lets see if the cookies are gone... "Oh they are!! Mom, Dad santa ate all the cookies!"
Time to head over to Mamaws house but first we need to test out the bike! She is a pro already!
Tiff and Mamaw before brunch!
Ty, Jenn, Eric, and Drew
Present time!
Ooooooh a baby! I love her!
Drew got an awesome gun!
A group shot!
Tiff just had to show everyone that she could ride her new bike!
Her first crash! She handled it very well! She got up and brushed it off :)
YEA! The tinkerbell movie!
Fun times with the drum set!
Pushing her baby around!
Tiffany and Bapa!
Family pic time!
Tiff, Uncle Scott, Ethan and Drew
Grama and Grampa, aren't they cute!
When I was a kid my mom always had us save one present to open at the end of the day so we made Tiff save one too! Wowza its a snow white baking set!! She loves it!
We had such a great day today!! It was so much fun watching Tiffany open all of her gifts and get so excited about all of them! We can't wait for next year!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! Normally on Christmas Eve Brandons family comes over but this year unfortunately Brandons Dad and Niece are sick :( We were so bummed but we hope they get better quick!
We let Tiffany open one gift. It was the Snow White movie. She was super excited!
She started watching it right away!!
Then we got ready for bed and put out some cookies and milk for Santa. Tiffany said that we should put the cookies in her spot. Then it was off to bed for Tiffany!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie time!

Tiffany has been asking to make cookies for a couple of days so today was the day! She loved rolling out the dough and then putting the colored sugar on them. She mostly wanted to eat the cookie dough and sugar but most of them made it to the oven!
Nane made us matching aprons for Christmas! Isn't Tiff so cute in her mini apron?!

Look at the concentration on her face!!! I love the tongue sticking out!
Me and Tiff :)
Tiffany in her apron!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrapping time!

Tiffany has been asking for days if she could wrap some presents so today we finally did. Wow does she like to tape!! There are about 12 extra pieces of tape on every present! But she had a great time so thats all that matters!

Busy concentrating!
When she was done she lined them up all around the tree by herself, she also added her bucket of toys under the tree :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sneak peak!

Every year since I was a kid I have made Seafoam (honeycomb) for my Dad for Christmas. Its a tricky candy to make and a lot of the time once you pour it in the pan it goes flat as a pancake. Today I think is one of the Best batches EVER! It rose up soooooo high!! I just had to take a picture of it! It did sink a little bit but over all its a great batch and I am sure that Dad and MaryJane will love it!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daniels family Christmas party!

Tonight was our Christmas party at Eric and Jenns house. We are so lucky that Jenn and Eric always host it at their house! We had a yummy dinner and then some games!

Tiff snuck upstairs with her cousins and they watched bob the builder...she now wants to watch that all the time!

For dessert.... a Ice cream bar! It was delicious!! Thanks Jenn and Eric!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tree decorating!

We finally decorated the tree today! Its been up for a week with just lights on. Tiffany LOVED decorating it! Most of the "special" ornaments ended up in one spot but thats ok!
Brandon did all of the little ones for us on the top!
She was just digging in helping decorate!
Growing up we always turned decorating the tree into a little party with some treats and eggnog! I LOVE eggnog! So we waited to drink our first sip of the year for when we decorated. Tiffany thought that we were drinking milk and wanted some. So being the mean mom that I am I said ok and handed her my eggnog :)
She took a sip....
MOM this is NOT milk!!!!
The finished product!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Every year we go to the mall and wait in line to see Santa. The last two years ended up in tears and a bad picture. We have been talking about going to see Santa for a while now in hopes that Tiffany wouldn't be scared. She has been saying she wants a bike, vacuum, and princess piano for Christmas. We told her that she would have to ask Santa and she said she is shy to Santa but we kept reminding her thats how she will get those toys.

So this year we didn't think that she would sit on Santas lap so we heard that walmart was doing a free Santa so we thought what the heck, lets not go wait in line at the mall for an hour and a half and just go across the street! So Tiff was pretty nervous when she first saw Santa but Brandon took her over and stayed by her the entire time.
Most of the time she just played with her sleeve nervously and mumbled that she wanted a bike, vacuum and princess piano.
The we said we were almost done and to look up and say cheese!! And she did! We are still in shock that she actually did it!! Too bad we didn't go to the mall :( Oh well this was free!!