Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Cruise! Day Four!

Ensenada Mexico!
Nane & Bapa got Tiffany a little mermaid doll and she went almost everywhere with us! She calls her "mermaid girl" and she corrects us every time we say something different!
Dad the sun is in my eyes!
Hair time! She actually lets me braid her hair now...sometimes!
We had the best tour driver ever, Manuel took several pictures for us!
On the bus to the blow hole
Hey Bapa and Nane!
Manuel taking another picture for us! I love the background!
So pretty!
Dad and Tiff looking at the water
Tiffany licking her fingers from the fresh churro we just ate!
The blow hole! Thanks for taking our picture Manuel!Cheese!
There were so many shops! We didn't buy much but we did get some bracelets for Tiffany
Thats right...I ate a fish taco, shrimp taco and carne asada taco!!! And they were very good!! Ok so I wasn't the only one, Brandon and MaryJane also ate them!
Bapa brought back a guitar for Tiffany, she loved playing with it!So we asked everyone on the little bus we rented if we could stop at the beach, it was a huge, beautiful beach! Bapa found Tiffany a ton of shells!
Mom and Tiff
Bapa getting more shells!I took a little stroll by myself :)
Brandon and Tiff headed towards the water
Dad and Tiffany!
Family beach pic!
She was exhausted! She slept the entire way back!
In front of the ship!
Our last night!
Playing that guitar again!
Our last animal friend, a turkey!

We had such a great time and we are so glad that we could go with Bapa and Nane!! Thanks Bapa and Nane!

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