Monday, April 5, 2010


First off I dislike peeps very much and when Tiffany saw some at the store and said she wanted some I didn't think there would be a chance she would eat them!! But she had some in her Easter basket so she wanted to eat them! She does love plain sugar but I wasn't sure if she would eat them.
Well she tried it....and liked it!
She didn't eat very much of it but that's ok!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Dinner :)

Tiff before everyone came over for dinner
Grandpa, Grama, Bapa and Uncle Steve
Everyone else :)
Eric and Scott took turns holding down the swing set. Little Tiffany can't do anything to it but add 3 silly boys and it gets a little crazy!!
Grandpa playing with Drew and Tiffany
Scott and Ethan putting in an extra screw on the swing set
Tiffany saw Eric throw Ty in the sky so she wanted Brandon to do it to her. Too bad she is terrified of it!!
Silly Uncle Scott!
Group shot! (Bapa left already)

Easter Morning!

Here is the Easter basket the Easter Bunny hid for Tiffany. As you can see she really likes Ariel!

The kid eats one kind of candy and one kind only...chocolate coins and this egg happened to have chocolate coins in it!
She had so much fun looking for the eggs!
Stopping a minute for a picture!
There were eggs everywhere!
There was even an egg in the tree!
Proof she actually eats chocolate (only the coins)
She found her basket!! She was grabbing all the stuff and trying to hold it all. We had to convince her that it was all hers.
Strawberry Shortcake Princess movie!!!
Her new Ariel swimsuit!
So happy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Decorating Eggs!

We almost didn't get to decorate eggs but I decided to do it with Tiff even though it was late and I'm glad we did it! She had such a great time!! We did it real simple and she didn't know any different so it was fun.
She was really concentrating hard!

The finished product!

Easter party at Bapa's

Today will be the 4th time we have gone to the Easter party over at Trilogy with Bapa. I wanted Tiffany to wear her dress so I convinced her to let me put these super cool curlers in her hair.
She wouldn't stop spinning but I liked this picture.
Sitting pretty
When we got there it was outside and they had a bounce house so I changed Tiff's clothes so her dress wouldn't get ruined. She of course didn't want anything to do with the Easter bunny but I told her that he had the tickets to get on the bounce house so she had to see him. She actually did great!! And there is silly Bapa behind her!!
Ethan, Drew, & Tiff doing silly faces while waiting to go jump!

Bapa and 7 of his grand kids
Tiffany was showing Dad how she could hula hoop. It was so very entertaining!
And cute little Ty, sitting and posing for me :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Disney on Ice!

I got lucky again and won tickets from a photo contest for Disney on Ice!
Tiffany was sooo excited when we got there! Mammaw came with us and we all had a blast. It was a great show but the funnest part was watching Tiffanys face during the show!
This is what her face looked like most of the time but this picture is when Ariel came out and of course thats her favorite princess because she is so "lovely"
So we tried and tried to take a pic with out our eyes being closed but because it was dark every time the flash went off, we blinked and it was too dark to not have the flash on so here ya go :)
Tiffany and Mammaw
Tiff and Dad. She was waving bye to everyone!
The finally. We had good lower level seats and had a super great time!