Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Cruise! Day Two!

Today is a fun day at sea. Tiffany was gracious enough to wake up early so we could watch the sunrise!
It was really cool watching the sun come up over the ocean! We were super lucky to have a window room!
Tiffany and Dad!
Taking the picture ourselves!
I think that Tiffany made Brandon sit on just about every chair on the deck!
I was lucky enough to sit on a couple too!
She had a long day so far. She was excited about going to the kids club on the ship before we left but when the time came to go she wouldn't go in. She wanted me to go in and stay in with her. We think it is because the week before I helped out in nursery at church so she thought I should always be with her. Finally Brandon got her to go in but she only could stay in for 45 min before they closed for lunch. Oh well!! After that she was pooped and fell asleep on Brandon, we decided to go to lunch so I held her while we ate.
When she woke up she only wanted one thing....French fries!! (That is all she ever wanted!)
My dad told us to wait by the pool after lunch. We weren't sure why but it didn't take long before we found out! It was the hairy chest competition! He took off his robe and the crowd went wild! We couldn't stop laughing!
There were 5 other guys in the competition
Any guesses who won????
Then it was time to get dressed up and go to dinner. Tiffany wouldn't stop doing silly faces!
All of us at dinner!
Tiffany, Mom and Nane
Tiffany loved this animal that they made in our room tonight!!
Nane brought a dvd player for Tiffany to use and boy are we glad she did!

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