Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all our dads! We hope you guys had a great day!
Tiffany and her daddy!

Nap time

Nap time and bed time have become quite the difficult time for the 2 1/2 year old. She would stay up all night and day if we would let her. Today she didn't want to take a nap and I finally gave up trying. After it being quiet in her room for a little while we went and checked on her and there she was....asleep on the chair. Heaven forbid we lay down in our bed to fall asleep! Oh well at least she took a nap!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mooooooore swimmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnng!

We went over to swim with Eric and the boys today. We had so much fun! Tiffany didn't want to get out! Baby Ty and Tiff had fun playing on the big step and they both did really good practicing swimming. Ty wants to swim like his big brothers and will just jump out to Eric! Tiff is getting better and we are glad to keep practicing!
A big smile from Ty!
Tiffany showing she can jump in!
Drew surfing!
Tiff swiming with Uncle Eric
Eric making Ethan fly!!
We had so much fun, thanks for having us over!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Water fun!

Tiffany loves the water and anything to do with water. So since we don't have a pool we found this water ball shooter thing and Tiff had a blast with it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its official!!!!!

Tonight Jenn was sworn in as a council member for the Town of Gilbert! We are so proud of Jenn and Eric for all their hard work they did to get there and we know Jenn will be a great asset to the Town of Gilbert! Congratulations Jenn!

The three new members
Doesn't she look good up there?! So cool!
The whole Daniels family!
The cake :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lakers and the Kingcannons

So today was game 5 of the Lakers/Magic basketball games. The Lakers were up 3-1 so there was a good chance they were going to win the Championship today. So we were super excited that the Kingcannons were coming over! (Something is wrong with my good camera and I'm super bummed :( The flash won't work at all so I had to use my old point and shoot so I'm sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures!)
They brought Tiff a crown and she loves it!

Look at me I'm a princess!
Cheese :)
Um so I'm not sure who this kid is but she took quite a liking to Dave and it was so cute! They were walking around the backyard holding hands and she let him hold her! Who is this kid?!?!
We had so much fun hanging out and can't wait till Bonnie and David come over again! Oh and p.s. the Lakers won!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nap time!

I would always see pictures of kids sleeping all different ways and thought...Tiffany would never do that, she always fights taking a nap and only sleeps in her bed. Well was I wrong! Tiffany has been waking up at 5 am lately and with getting up early and swimming its a deadly combo! We couldn't believe she fell asleep sitting up!

And who wouldn't want to sleep like this????

More swimming!

We went swimming over at Roberts today and had so much fun! Tiffany didn't want to get out of the pool, such a change from the last 2 weeks! She did the "monkey walk" so much that she got a blister on her finger! After swimming with her today and Tiff not wanting to get out, we decided to go for round 2 of swim lessons!

Doing the monkey walk around the entire pool
Getting her Nemo kick board

Practicing kicking with dad!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last day of swim lessons....maybe

Today is the last day of swimming lessons! The crying has lessened and it should be a good day!
Tiffany thought it would be a great idea to bring her purse with her so she could show Aunt Jenn all her cool stuff!
All the kids doing the monkey walk
Here we come!
Oh shoot I have been spotted! Sorry baby Ty!
Swimming towards Leanne
All done!
Ty is happy now that he is done swimming! He loves swimming at home with his brothers...but not so much here!
Tiffany's favorite thing...swinging!
The last day is a fun day for the older kids. Ethan loved going down the water slide!
Drew....not so much!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its FINALLY happening!

Thats right folks...its finally happening, Brandons brother Phil & family are actually moving to AZ! We are super excited!
This is Tiffanys first time meeting her cousin Ashley and she had so much fun with her!

The Fam

Doesn't Grandpa look cool in his Hello Kitty glasses?!?! We think so!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swimming lessons :)

I am super lucky to have a great sis in law and brother, Tiffany's cousins are taking swim lessons and they asked if Tiff wanted to take lessons too! I don't think Tiffany wanted to but I sure did! So on Monday swim lessons started. There are 4 kids in the class - Tiffany, Baby Ty, and two other little boys. All 4 cried on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the other two boys didn't cry at that just left Tiff and Ty as the crying ones. The good news is the crying only lasted about half the time! So here's to hoping next week there are no tears!! I didn't get very good pictures because if the kids see us they cry and want out of the pool so these pics were taken very incognito!

Tiff with Leann on the board

Silly Drew!
Watch out for Ethan!
Don't worry Ty its almost over!
Practicing floating on her back
You ready to go under water????
You did it!!
Drew and Ethan doing the back stroke! Wow they are good!

After lessons were over I asked Tiff if she went under water and she said "yes and I drinked it too!"