Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween! We had a great night! First we went over to Uncle Eric and Aunt Jenns house for some taco soup and cornbread (it was so good!) It ended up being a fun little party! Grandma and Grandpa, Mammaw and grandpa and Bapa all came over too!

The kids had their own special table to eat dinner at!
Isn't Drew a pretty princess?!
Uncle Eric helping Tiff put on a glow necklace
Family pic!
A police officer, ninja, army guy and sleeping beauty
The Daniels Family
And they are off!
Tiffany loved going up to the doors with her cousins! They taught her how to say trick or treat smell my feet! And believe me it got really old on the drive home!
Ty knows how to do this trick or treating thing!
This lady was cool! She was the witch on Snow White!
Tiffany was in a hurry to get to the next house!
Dad always blinks with the camera!
Last stop...trick or treat Aunt Jenn!
And of course Tiffany has to check out all of her candy! She won't eat it but she likes to play with it! Silly kid!
Thank you to Eric and Jenn for letting us come over! We had a great time!!

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