Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day! Growing up my mom made every holiday special. We always had some sort of green food on St Pattys day so of course we had to start today off with some green pancakes and green juice! Tiffany decided she didn't want green pancakes she wanted black ones...no wait red ones...she couldn't make up her mind. When all was said and done she ate a waffle.

One year ago today!! Wasn't I a mean mom making her wear that headband!! She took it right off anyways!

And two years ago!!
Hope everyone had a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the mouth of Tiffany

So Tiffany has been listening lately and I know this because I keep hearing: "Thank you Honey!" & "Oh I'm so sorry Sweetie" So apparently she has been listening to what Brandon and I say! And the other day Tiffany went over to Eric and Jenn's and when I went to pick her up Drew kept saying "aunt Becky aunt Becky watch this!" So when we got home all night long Tiffany kept calling me Becky! "Look at this Becky, Thank you Becky!" It was too funny! Thankfully she has stopped calling me Becky and she is back to calling me mommy but we will see how long that lasts for! Oh and Tiffany is officially 2 1/2 as of yesterday! Wow has the time flown by!
ETA: I was wrong...Tiffany has not stopped calling me Becky in fact she has started calling Brandon Becky every once in a while. At least its only sometimes! But it still cracks me up!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Only 9 more days!

Ok everyone there is only 9 more days until Gilberts Town Council's vote and my Great Sister in law is running for Town Council in Gilbert! She would be a great addition to Gilberts town council!!! Check out her website http://www.voteforjenn.com/If you aren't registered to vote you can do it really quickly at http://servicearizona.com/So check it out and VOTE FOR JENN!!!!