Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Annual Pumpkin Festival visit!

Its that time again! PUMPKIN FESTIVAL! Thursdays is half off day if you live in Queen Creek so since the weather has been so nice this week (a high of 83) we decided to go today. This is our 4th year going to the pumpkin festival. We started going when Tiffany was just 2 months old. And every year we have taken our family picture :)
Tiffany and Dad
Hamming it up! She was loving the camera today!
We can see who she gets her height from!
Say cheese!
Piggy back time!
She loved this slide last year, she didn't want to stop sliding. This year she was afraid at first but then remembered very quickly that she likes it!
Time to pick pumpkins!
Cheers with the pumpkins!
Lets go look at some more dad!
Oh here are some more!
Look mom baby pumpkins!
Chillen with the pumpkins
I love sitting with dad!
This little baby is all mine!
We had a great time going to the pumpkin festival and look forward to going to many more throughout the years!


Marie said...

Looks like fun! We haven't been out to that one yet. Might have to check it out.

Becky said...

It was fun Marie! Your kids would love it! We need to get together sometime :)