Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or Treat!!

Tonight was trunk or treat at church. Tiffany had so much fun! She didn't take a nap today so we were worried that she would be cranky and tired. We were wrong! That kid was running around like crazy! Everyone kept laughing saying she had already ate to much candy but the funny thing is that our child is weird and doesn't eat candy! Needless to say she crashed when we got home!

I have tried in the past unsuccessfully to curl Tiffanys hair. It just doesn't like to be curled. Unfortunately she has hair like mine and it doesn't curl very well. Finally after alot of hairspray and a super hot curling iron I was able to curl her hair! I should have taken a picture before we left the house but I didn't. This is what the curls looked like after all her running around and durning the truck or treat part.
Stoppin over at Amanda's trunk...or chair, hmm that was a good idea! They had a little guy that crawled on the ground and asked where its body was and other stuff. Tiff was not a fan!
Tiff went to Dads car several times! This is time number 3!
After it was over
She didn't want to go home!

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