Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day at the farm with Pre-school

Today was a super fun day! We went to the pumpkin farm with Tiffanys class!

She loves saying cheese now for photos!
Tiffanys class
Picking a pumpkin to decorate. Tiff picked the smallest one!
Decorating with Dad
I didn't think that Tiffany would go in the maze but her friend Rustin wanted her to so off she went!
Yea! She made it!
Ok I'm officially the meanest mom ever but I wanted her to try a fruit snack and she started gagging!! I mean come on...what kid doesn't like fruit snacks?!?!
She saw this play house when we first got there and thats all she wanted to do. I told her when we were all done she could go play in it. She had so much fun in the little house!
Happy to be in the house!
Just chillen
Tiffany and Mom
Tiff and Dad!

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Marie said...

Cute picture of you and Tiff! You guys do lots of fun stuff.