Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin carving and Trunk or Treat!

So we finally got some time to carve pumpkins! Tiffany was really excited to do her own pumpkin. She drew the picture on the pumpkin and then she cut out the shapes with our help.

She did a really good job on hers!
We had a fourth pumpkin (because I LOVE cooking the seeds!!) so I just quickly cut out a face and then Tiffany decorated it!
The finished products!! I tried to be artistic and did an Ariel face, I think it turned out ok :)
Later on we went to the trunk or treat at church. Tiff had fun hanging out with some friends!
Dad and Tiff
She wasn't into trick or treating very much since she doesn't like candy but I wanted her to go because I like candy lol
Me and Tiff
Tiff sorting out her stuff. She liked two things...dum dums and the little play dough!
All the pumpkins lit up!

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