Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower today!! So I have the best friend and sister in law ever!! Bonnie and Jenn had a baby shower for me today!! We had a blast!!
I love all the cute decorations!
Me and the happy little princess before she left with Uncle Eric and her cousins!
Pat, Sarah, & Denise
Me and Sam
Little Braylon and Ma Barker
Candy game!! You had to figure out the match to certain saying like "Boys Names" was Mike and Ike. Best part of the game.....I got to take home the candy board!!! YUM!
Babies hanging out!
Me and my belly :)
Opening gifts :)
Dana, Paige, Me and Tiff
Me, Tracy and Jett. Now if only I can look as good as Tracy does after having the baby!!
4 Generations!!!
Monica, Angie, Me and Braylon. I can't believe how big Monica is now!! She was my flower girl!
Berkeley, Lauren and Me
Tamera, Me, Pam & Ashlea
Mom and Me
Me and Micki
Bon, Me and Jenn
I had such a great time and it was so great seeing everyone! Thank you to everyone for coming and the great gifts and Thank you to Bonnie and Jenn for giving me such a great shower!!


Marie said...

Oh man I am sad I missed it. We were out of town for Oct. break. I can't wait to see you little guy.

Tracy said...

I am so happy you got to keep the candy board!!! :) I can't wait to meet your little guy!!!

Tracy said...
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The Kingcannons said...

You deserved every bit of it! What a fun day it was! Can't wait to meet lil' guy!