Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween party at preschool!!

Today is the big Halloween party at school!! Any guesses as to what Tiffany went as???? Ariel?? Yup you are right!!

Her class singing at the beginning of school. Tiffany just LOVES going to school and loves her teacher and the other kids. After singing they played some games, colored some pictures and decorated a Halloween bag.
They sang a super cute pumpkin song.
Then they went outside and picked up candy. After that they play the "freeze game." Tiffany talks a lot about the freeze game and basically its when the music is on they dance and when it stops they have to freeze. Tiff had a BLAST playing!! Just look at that face!

Her is the whole class and Mrs. Olsen! (Tiff has a crush on Harry Potter)
I'm so glad I got to go and help out at the Halloween party! Tiff loves going to preschool and Mrs. Olsen does a great job with all of the kids!

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