Saturday, May 23, 2009


Every year in May Schnepf Farms has a peach festival. I love going to it and getting fresh peaches! Well this year they only had it for one weekend (last weekend) but they still have the U-pick peaches so we did that. It was fun! Tiff was excited to go pick peaches! We could never get her to eat peaches so I didn't think today would be any different.
She picked up really quick how to pick the peaches.

She was good at picking them and bringing them back to us.

Brandon who isn't a big fan of peaches really liked these fresh ones! It was cool because they say you can eat as many as you want and just pay for what you leave with. So Brandon and I each ate one and asked if Tiffany wanted any and of course she said no!

Then she suddenly asked if she could have one! I didn't think she would really eat it!
But she took a bite!

and another bite....

and another big bite!

The juice was just rolling down her face! Here we are "cheering" our peaches!
She loved the peaches so much that when we got home she asked for another one and ate the whole thing! Now if we could just get her to eat veggies!


Kimberly Giardino said...

She looks so much like you!! Very cute little girl!! Peaches are great, especially fresh ones!! I am doing good!! How are you doing? Where in AZ are you living!!

Angela Hill said...

yay tiff, way to eat peaches!!! looks like fun, maybe I'll have to do that with my boys.