Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Girl BED!!!

Ok we finally just ripped the band aid off! We have had a big girl bed for a couple months now but Tiffany didn't want to sleep in it. She kept asking to sleep in the crib. So today after a big day with her cousins Tiff was asleep on the couch so Brandon and I got to work. We took down the crib and set up all her princess stuff.

She went and laid down right away!
Leah wanted to check it out too!

She already wanted to go to "sleep"

Good times on the big girl bed!

Kobe loooooooves Tiffanys bed!
She has been getting up at 5am everyday this week so lets hope that tonight goes better!!!


Marie said...

We just put Gracie in a big girl bed too! She loves being like Lucy now. It is so fun when they move to next stage in life.

Angela Hill said...

yay for big girl beds!!!