Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday fun day at the Zoo

Tiffany was super excited to go the zoo. We waited until it was time to leave to tell her we were going. She immediately started listing all of the animals that she wanted to see!
First on the list was the Giraffes!
She is lucky to have a tall dad to help her see everything!
Dad can you help me see the lion?!
Ah her favorite part of the day...the splash pad! She of course did not want to leave!
She heard some kids talking about snow cones and she said she wanted one too. Now Tiffany hasn't ever had a snow cone before and she isn't the kind of kid that will try new things so we really didn't think that she would eat one. So we asked her what color she wanted and she said green. At first she wasn't sure so Brandon and I helped demonstrate how to eat it and all the sudden she tried it...and liked it!
She was a happy kid today!

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