Monday, January 19, 2009

Wildlife world zoo & aquarium

Today we went to the wildlife zoo. We had tons of fun! Its a really nice zoo. Its small which is nice for walking around and seeing everything. It doesn't have as many animals as the Phx zoo but it has some animals that the Phx zoo doesn't have. It was neat because you could feed some of the animals. Tiffany didn't want to feed the Giraffe but it was cool to be so close!

And this is what most of the day was....Tiff running as fast as she could on to the next animal!

Then she decided she wanted to push the stroller! She couldn't even see, it was really cute!
Lookin at the ducks!
Feeding the swans
Found a better/easier way to push the stroller!
Feeding the ducks!
She kept saying she wanted to go on an adventure and we had no idea what she was talking about....well it was the carousel! She had so much fun on her "adventure"!
Kangaroos! I was really surprised the only thing separating us was a little fence with a single rope about 2 feet high! But still nothing beats the fact we actually got to pet wild kangaroos in Australia!
And Tiffany's favorite thing of the day....The slides!
Petting zoo
Stingrays that you can pet!
White alligator!

We had a great time at this zoo! The only thing that sucked was the aquarium was super jam packed so make sure you don't go on a holiday!

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