Friday, May 27, 2011

Peach Festival!

One of my favorite things in May is the peach festival at Schnepf Farms! The last several years we have gone and picked peaches! You just pick them right off of the tree and can take a bite! So good!! This year we stopped into the bakery and got a peach cinnamon roll. Of course Tiffany was in heaven!

Little girl on some big chairs!
Tiffany and Dad picking peaches!

Me with the kids :)

Tiffany picking some peaches

Tiffany loves eating peaches!!!

Dad and the kids :)

I can't remember what she was telling me...

Family pic by the sunflowers :) It was soo hot!! We had to be quick!

This is the spot we always take pictures at during the pumpkin festival! Tiff was being silly!

Up on the hay!

After the peach festival we went home and Dad put together the wagon that the APBS guy brought. Dad had to take Tiffany on several rides in it!!

We had a great day as a family today!! Can't wait until the pumpkin festival!


Samantha said...

who's the APBS guy that brings wagons???

Samantha said... further down and saw my answer!! cute!!