Sunday, May 8, 2011

My first mothers day with 2 kiddos!

Happy Mothers day to all our Mothers!! We love you and are so grateful for you!!

Today was a great Mothers day!! It was my first as a Mom to two kids!! I am so happy to have such sweet kids!!

Family pic after church :)
Later we went over to Eric and Jenns for dinner. Isn't baby Kate so cute!

All the kids at the kids table!! Yep Uncle Scott is considered one of the kids!

Me and my wonderful Mom!

Dan got a picture of me and my brothers when we were kids blown up. Mom loved it!

We went outside and tried to recreate the picture :)

My little family!

Dan and April

Tiff, Ethan and Drew attacking Uncle Scott!

Drew and Tiffany :)

Cute Daniels family!

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