Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter party at Trilogy & Pats

Every year they have a Easter party at the place my dad lives. First we went to the Easter party then we went over to Pats house for a family gathering :)

Uncle Craig throwing the football to Ethan, Brandon and Connor

Tiffany loves to hula hoop!
Easter bunny time!!! I told Tiff she had to be brave for Blake and she was!! First year of no tears!!

Grandma Pat always has fun games! Here we are playing a scavenger hunt game!

Adding up the points! Its a tie between Brandon Daniels and we had to go and look for some more stuff!! Dang these Daniels are so competitive!!! So....Brandon found some more and was the winner! Go Brandon!!!

I had to take a picture of Blakes cute outfit!!

It was a fun family filled day!!

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