Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 2!

The first night was a good night. So far Blake is a good sleeper. He eats and then sleeps and then repeat :)
Our first visitor today was Nane
Then uncle Eric came by
Uncle Dan and Blake
Aunt April and Blake
The Burringtons came by next :)
After school Dad and Tiffany came back. Lets just say that Daddy doesn't have to do Tiffany's hair very often. We weren't sure how she would be with Blake but she wanted to hold him. She did really good for her first time.
Tiff loves her brother
Dad and his little man!
Mom and Blake
Tiff trying to be helpful and give Blake a binky
We thought we were going home tonight but they think Blake has juandice so they want us to stay another night and re-check him in the morning.

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