Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Princess!

Today our little girl turns 4!! Wow the time has flown by!! She has been so excited for her birthday, she knew every one's birthday that was before hers and would count them down as they passed and she knew that after Uncle Scotts birthday it would be her birthday. Currently she is obsessed with Ariel so we decorated and wrapped her presents in Ariel. She woke up at 5am she was so excited! We tried to have her go back to sleep but we did not win that battle! She was so excited when she came down the stairs and saw her stuff!

She really wanted this Ariel night gown and she was really excited when she opened it!
Opening presents!
Ariel watch!
Sebastian from the little mermaid. And of course she is already in her new night gown!
After opening presents we had breakfast and then went swimming at her favorite pool that has some small water slides. Next up....birthday party at Chuck e Cheese!

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