Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday party at Chuck e cheese!

Its finally here!!! Tiffanys party at Chuck E. Cheese!! She has been waiting and waiting!!

She started off playing skee-ball!
At first she didn't realize that tickets came out and that she wanted to keep those to pick out a prize with them.
Tiff with Grandpa Shipley!
Mom and Tiff
Dad and Tiffany...the flash always makes Brandon blink...sorry babe!
Family pic!! So I had planned on making a cake for Tiffany and I had a slight mishap this morning so my Mom saved the day and picked up a cake from Costco for me! Thanks Mom!!
Blowing out her #4 candle!!
She had some really great moves!! I was lucky and caught some with the video camera too!
Oh my I have never had so much fun watching someone open presents in my life!! This kid was awesome!! Every time she opened something she was soooooo excited and she would say that she had been wanting that so bad!

Here is a princess Ariel dress...and yes she had been wanting that soo bad!
Tiffany and Bapa!
Look at that face!!! She was so excited to get the princess castle from Grandma and Grandpa Shipley!!
Every year I have forgotten to get a group pic of all the kids so I was determined not to forget this year!! Unfortunately a couple kids had gone home already but at least I got most of em!! Oh and don't forget the big kid in the middle!!
Uncle Scott was the hero of the night!! Look at that stack of tickets!!! It was like 2000 tickets!!
The boys and uncle Scott with their prizes they picked!
Cousin Drew and Tiffany!
The Daniels Fam and Tiff!!
Uncle Scott and Tiffany!
Oliva, Tiff and Samantha :)
Mamaw, Scott, Tiff and Grandpa Westbrook!
Bon, Braylon and Me!
Of course another family pic!
This was where you sit and it draws a picture of you. I love these things!
We all had such a fun day! I can't believe our little girl is 4 now!! The time has blown by!! We are so blessed with our sassy little girl and we are so happy she is part of our family! We love you Tiffany! Happy Birthday!!!


Tracy said...

Fun at Chuck E Cheese!!! I would have thought you'd be the ticket master for our old days at g land! What game did Scott win those on?? :) Happy birthday Tiff, and I can't wait to see you soon Becky!

Becky said...

Tracy I know you would have thought I would be able to get some tickets but no...I didn't! He played some ball/dinosaur game! I can't wait to see you either!! I hope you bring Jett!! Hey do you you have a blog???