Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tiffanys first dance recital!

Today is Tiffanys first dance recital and she is super excited!!
Here she is spinning before we leave
On stage!!
Doing the daisy dance!
Dancing away!
All smiles!

Getting ready for her last dance!
Hugs for Dad!
We got a great surprise that the Bon, Dave and Braylon made the trek out to see Tiffany dance when Braylon was only 2 weeks old! Then they surprised her with a gift...a ballerina barbie!! Tiffany loves it!! Thanks guys!!
Giving Braylon kisses!
Her cousins giving her flowers!! Thanks guys they are beautiful!!
Hugs for Grandpa Shipley
Hugs for Great Grandpa
Mamaw and Grandpa (And barbie!)
Tiffany and her BFF (partner in crime) Olivia (and Barbie still)
Tiffany and Bapa (and of course we still can't put down barbie)
Then everyone left and I had to hurry to get to Tracys baby shower and I realized that I didn't get a pic with my little dancer and thankfully Jenn hadn't left yet and stopped and took a pic for us! Thanks Jenn!!
The dance recital was painfully long and Tiffanys little group was almost last but we still had a great time and we are super proud of our little dancer!!
Thanks for coming everybody!!


The Kingcannons said...

What great time we had! Wouldn't have missed it fr anything! Love the pic you and Tiff, too precious!

Marie said...

Tiff looks so cute in her outfit. Too bad she was last!!! It looks like she didn't mind after getting her barbie.