Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day/Birthday/Mothers Day!!

Busy day today....Its Mothers day and its also Grandma Shipleys Birthday!! Its crazy because everyone in Brandons family has their bday right by a holiday!
So of course I had to get a picture with the person that made me be a Mom and she just wanted to show off :) She just wanted to hurry and get to church so she could be with her friends!
After church we went over to Phils house to celebrate Ashleys Birthday and Grandma Shipleys Birthday!!
Ashley blowing out her candles!
Grandma getting ready to blow out her candles!

We couldn't believe it...she eats vanilla ice cream now but would ever eat cake. She has eaten some frosting off of a cupcake but thats as far as she would go, well this was a yellow cake with white frosting and the little girl actually tried it!!! We were in shock!! And she LIKED it!! Go figure right...a kid liking sugar lol
Watching Grandma open her gifts :)
Phil and Tamra :)
Then it was time to go over to Eric and Jenns for my Moms mothers day.
Tiffany showing the wrong way to look through binoculars :)
Everyone having a good time!
Uncle Scott playing with the kids
Uncle Scott doesn't hold back when playing with his nephews and niece!
We had a great day with our family today!

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