Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Kiss!

Today after preschool Tiffany was acting a little different and I was asking her what she did in school, finally after a ton of prodding she said she kissed Rustin! I asked if someone told her to and she said nope I just went and kissed him! I said where did you kiss him? And she said on his cheek and he wiped it off and said don't kiss me weirdo! And their teacher told Tiffany hey no kissing! She gets really shy and embarrassed every time I ask her about it. I had to tell her that she is too young to be kissing boys and she has to wait until she is 25!
P.S. I have to add that Rustin and Tiff have been best little buds the entire school year


The Kingcannons said...

This is ONLY the beginning I'm afraid =)

Marie said...

Oh wow Becky you are in for it!!! Sad her first one was didn't go over too well.

Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

How adorable!