Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter party at Bapa's

Today will be the 4th time we have gone to the Easter party over at Trilogy with Bapa. I wanted Tiffany to wear her dress so I convinced her to let me put these super cool curlers in her hair.
She wouldn't stop spinning but I liked this picture.
Sitting pretty
When we got there it was outside and they had a bounce house so I changed Tiff's clothes so her dress wouldn't get ruined. She of course didn't want anything to do with the Easter bunny but I told her that he had the tickets to get on the bounce house so she had to see him. She actually did great!! And there is silly Bapa behind her!!
Ethan, Drew, & Tiff doing silly faces while waiting to go jump!

Bapa and 7 of his grand kids
Tiffany was showing Dad how she could hula hoop. It was so very entertaining!
And cute little Ty, sitting and posing for me :)


Marie said...

Is she the only girl? I love the picture of her on the easter bunny with Bapa behind her. That is a good one!! Where did you get those curlers? They look awesome.

Becky said...

No she is the 20th grandkid but she was the only girl that went to the party. I got the curlers from Sallys. They are soooo awesome!! You should really get them!