Friday, April 2, 2010

Disney on Ice!

I got lucky again and won tickets from a photo contest for Disney on Ice!
Tiffany was sooo excited when we got there! Mammaw came with us and we all had a blast. It was a great show but the funnest part was watching Tiffanys face during the show!
This is what her face looked like most of the time but this picture is when Ariel came out and of course thats her favorite princess because she is so "lovely"
So we tried and tried to take a pic with out our eyes being closed but because it was dark every time the flash went off, we blinked and it was too dark to not have the flash on so here ya go :)
Tiffany and Mammaw
Tiff and Dad. She was waving bye to everyone!
The finally. We had good lower level seats and had a super great time!


Marie said...

She looks so excited. My girls would love that too. Where do you keep winning these tickets? I need to get in on that.

Samantha said...

Love that face!!! I'm sure Brandon enjoyed it, too, huh?? The things daddy's will do for their girls!

Becky said...

Marie I won them from a moms group!

Sam, oh yeah Brandon loved it!