Saturday, March 13, 2010

Renaissance Festival!!!

I won some tickets to the Renaissance Festival! We haven't been since 2007 when we went with Bonnie and David. So 3 years later we went with Bonnie and David again!
Tiffany and Dad at Mother Goose
Tiffanys favorite thing of the day....the slide. Glad we could drive all that way for her to go on a slide!
Shoulder ride!
Tiffany and her butterfly wand
I just liked this pic
Bon and Dave with the yummy turkey leg!
Brandon taking down the turkey leg!
Me and the super cute preggo Bonnie!
Moms turn to give a shoulder ride!
Tiff found a butterfly ride that she LOVED!
She had to ride it 3 times!
Fairy princess Tiffany!
The Shipleys
The Kingcannons
All of us!!
So all in all we had fun but that was mostly because we were able to chat with Bon and Dave. But I am super glad we didn't have to actually pay to go there!!
It will probably be another 3 years before we go again!

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The Kingcannons said...

We had a great time with you guys! Thanks again for taking us! xoxo!