Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

I love holidays!! It doesn't matter which one! When I was a kid my Mom did fun things on every holiday so I hope to continue that tradition. We had Green pancakes and green eggs. My three year old wouldn't eat them, thankfully my 31 year old did!! I had to make Tiffany's pancakes first before they turned green. She ate them last year but oh well, it was still fun!
After breakfast Tiff of course wanted to go outside and play and now she is requesting that I take her picture!! Oh no I have created a monster!! Ah who am I kidding...I love it!!!
"Mini-Me" Tiffany keeps putting her pinkie up to her lip and every time it looks just like Mini-me!
And of course being the cheesy mom that I am I had to take a picture of us in our green!
Then we made cupcakes and took them to Dad's office. It was fun to surprise him! Then Tiffany asked for a cupcake and we thought there was no way she would eat it and we were partially right...she wouldn't eat the cupcake but she LOVED licking off the frosting!! (These cupcakes by the was were great!! I don't like cake and I liked these, I made the batter from scratch and added thin mint cookies! Delicious!!)
I love frosting!

Happy St. Patricks day everyone!!!


Marie said...

Where is recipe Becky? Those sound yummy.

Becky said...

I will email it to you Marie!

Anne said...

Those cupcakes sound amazing and I love the St. Patrick's day fun. You daughter is adorable! Thanks so much for saying hello!