Saturday, December 5, 2009


Every year we go to the mall and wait in line to see Santa. The last two years ended up in tears and a bad picture. We have been talking about going to see Santa for a while now in hopes that Tiffany wouldn't be scared. She has been saying she wants a bike, vacuum, and princess piano for Christmas. We told her that she would have to ask Santa and she said she is shy to Santa but we kept reminding her thats how she will get those toys.

So this year we didn't think that she would sit on Santas lap so we heard that walmart was doing a free Santa so we thought what the heck, lets not go wait in line at the mall for an hour and a half and just go across the street! So Tiff was pretty nervous when she first saw Santa but Brandon took her over and stayed by her the entire time.
Most of the time she just played with her sleeve nervously and mumbled that she wanted a bike, vacuum and princess piano.
The we said we were almost done and to look up and say cheese!! And she did! We are still in shock that she actually did it!! Too bad we didn't go to the mall :( Oh well this was free!!


Samantha said...

Only in AZ do you get pictures taken with Santa in sandals and no socks!! Glad she did better this year, just wait til next, she won't want to get off his lap!

The Kingcannons said...

Yay! So proud of lil' one! She did great =)

Marie said...

She looks great. Go Tiffany! Gracie has been the same too. She would scream every year with Santa. I wonder if she will do better this year.

Angela Hill said...

aww she's getting so brave!!!