Friday, December 25, 2009

Chistmas Day!

Its Christmas morning! Santa has come and gone!
Santa left Tiffany a bike and a vacuum! She was super excited! She got on the bike right away! Good thing santa put it together before he left!
We told Tiffany she could pick any of the gifts to open first, of course she went for the big one in cinderella wrapping. What could it be?? Ohh its the princess mirror piano that she has been hoping for!
She loves it!! In fact she didn't want to open up anything else after that!
Lets see if the cookies are gone... "Oh they are!! Mom, Dad santa ate all the cookies!"
Time to head over to Mamaws house but first we need to test out the bike! She is a pro already!
Tiff and Mamaw before brunch!
Ty, Jenn, Eric, and Drew
Present time!
Ooooooh a baby! I love her!
Drew got an awesome gun!
A group shot!
Tiff just had to show everyone that she could ride her new bike!
Her first crash! She handled it very well! She got up and brushed it off :)
YEA! The tinkerbell movie!
Fun times with the drum set!
Pushing her baby around!
Tiffany and Bapa!
Family pic time!
Tiff, Uncle Scott, Ethan and Drew
Grama and Grampa, aren't they cute!
When I was a kid my mom always had us save one present to open at the end of the day so we made Tiff save one too! Wowza its a snow white baking set!! She loves it!
We had such a great day today!! It was so much fun watching Tiffany open all of her gifts and get so excited about all of them! We can't wait for next year!!!

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Kimberly Giardino said...

Looks like fun!!! It was so wonderful to be able to see you a couple of weeks ago!! You look fantastic!!! How is your grandma feeling? Hopefully home from the hospital!! Thank you for your gift! I have thank you cards that I need to get out soon!!! Thank you again for taking the time to come over!!