Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swimming lessons :)

I am super lucky to have a great sis in law and brother, Tiffany's cousins are taking swim lessons and they asked if Tiff wanted to take lessons too! I don't think Tiffany wanted to but I sure did! So on Monday swim lessons started. There are 4 kids in the class - Tiffany, Baby Ty, and two other little boys. All 4 cried on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the other two boys didn't cry at that just left Tiff and Ty as the crying ones. The good news is the crying only lasted about half the time! So here's to hoping next week there are no tears!! I didn't get very good pictures because if the kids see us they cry and want out of the pool so these pics were taken very incognito!

Tiff with Leann on the board

Silly Drew!
Watch out for Ethan!
Don't worry Ty its almost over!
Practicing floating on her back
You ready to go under water????
You did it!!
Drew and Ethan doing the back stroke! Wow they are good!

After lessons were over I asked Tiff if she went under water and she said "yes and I drinked it too!"

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