Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lakers and the Kingcannons

So today was game 5 of the Lakers/Magic basketball games. The Lakers were up 3-1 so there was a good chance they were going to win the Championship today. So we were super excited that the Kingcannons were coming over! (Something is wrong with my good camera and I'm super bummed :( The flash won't work at all so I had to use my old point and shoot so I'm sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures!)
They brought Tiff a crown and she loves it!

Look at me I'm a princess!
Cheese :)
Um so I'm not sure who this kid is but she took quite a liking to Dave and it was so cute! They were walking around the backyard holding hands and she let him hold her! Who is this kid?!?!
We had so much fun hanging out and can't wait till Bonnie and David come over again! Oh and p.s. the Lakers won!

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The Kingcannons said...

We had a blast with you guys...I love my Tiffers! She is growin up WAY TOO FAST!!!