Sunday, November 27, 2011

Its begining to look like Christmas!

Yea! Its one of my favorite days of the year! The Sunday after Thanksgiving we start our decorating! Tiffany was making some sugar cookies!

She loves using cookie cutters and sprinkles! But what kid doesn't?!

Kobe was hanging out while Dad cooked!

Uh-oh he looks like he is up to something!

Every year we have the kids pick out one ornament. Tiffany really wanted a Rapunzel one and we couldn't find one. Last night Dad found one and surprised Tiffany!

Decorating the tree :)

Kobe got a little tired from all the hard work!

The finished tree!

Tiff and her Daddy :)

She wanted to give him a kiss too!

Sitting and looking at the tree eating one of her sugar cookies!

Look who it is!! Pinocchio!! He's baaaaaack!

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