Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jambo fun!

Today was another fall break outing! We went to Jambo! The kids had a ton of fun!
Tiffany was a little scared of the first ride and wouldn't make it go up.

Emerson on the other hand had no problem making it up!

Blake rode a little car :)

Look at this barrel of monkeys!!

Blake had fun with this huge activity table!

Tiffany loved this long slide!

Who are those two goofballs?!


There is even a bounce house!

Blake did a little bit of bouncing

Fun times on the merry-go-round

Look no hands!

Riding the train!

Taking a drink inside the lion!

And the highlight of the day....bumper cars!

 These guys seriously rode these over and over!

So much fun!

Blake didn't get to ride the bumper cars but he still had fun!

The boys did the fast spinning ride!! They are brave!

Emerson really wanted a stuffed animal!!!
We had a great time hanging out with the Howcrofts during fall break!! Too bad its almost over!

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