Sunday, September 11, 2011

A couple bdays!

Today we had a little get together to celebrate Tiffany, Mamaw, and Uncle Steve's birthdays!

Baby Kate and Blake had fun playing in the pen :)

Tiffany and Cousin Drew 

Oooh uncle Scott I really wanted this princess house! 

Blake wanted to open some presents too! 

A hug for Uncle Scott! Wow she really liked the presents he gave her lol 

Drew bug is a strong guy! 

WOW $ from Great Grama and Grandpa! 

Hugs for Great Grandpa! 

Hugs for Great Grama 

Oooooh a make up kit from the Daniels!

They were trying to figure out what everything was...Drew thought the lip gloss was nail polish so Tiff started putting it on :) 

Ahh this is the nail polish! 

Blow out the candles Uncle Steve, Mamaw and Tiff!
Thanks for coming and celebrating their birthday! It was a super fun night!

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