Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Disneyland day 1

The time has finally come! Disneyland!!! Tiffany has been so excited to come but Brandon and I have been super excited to come to!!

And we are off! Thank goodness for double strollers!

Family pic at the front!

In front of Cinderellas castle

Dad and Tiff getting ready to go on their first ride!

Teacups it is!! She is soooo excited!

Good job taking video dad!

Hi Dad!

Next up...Small world!

Time to wear Blake!

Tiffany is in heaven!

She didn't talk much...she just looked at everything. Small world ended up being one of her favorite rides.

Super excited to see Ariel on the Small world ride!

Toon town...Tiffany loved the play area

Blake just hanging out...he did so good!

Hey Mom and Dad!

Taking a little break :)

Nap time!

While Blake took a little snooze Dad and Tiff went on the teacups again!

She picked a blue one! They are having so much fun!

Dumbo! Tiff was a little bit nervous at first but then she really liked it!

This line was a little longer but Tiffany had a blast on the cars with Dad!

Aww such a trooper Dad! He rocked the Ariel backpack!

We headed back to the hotel for nap time and Tiff enjoyed a ice cream cone!

Nap times over!! We headed over to California Adventure for the afternoon!

Daddy and Blake

Mom and Blake. Blake was actually able to ride a lot of rides!

On the caterpillar ride

Next up...lady bug ride. Look at that happy face :)

He is having fun too!

Bumper cars!

Tiff wasn't very excited for this ride! She held on the entire ride!

Say Cheese!

So cute!

This is the only pic from the Ariel ride, Tiffany liked the ride but was a little scared of the Sea witch.

She really wanted to go on the merry go round but wanted to sit on the bench. I think she was a little scared for some reason.

Finally got a smile out of her!

There was no line so they went again, this time on a animal. Dad was having fun too!

Hi Mom and Blake!

I'm having so much fun!!

Blake was having fun too!

He loves his daddy!

Looks so cool at night!

We waited while Dad went on the flying adventure ride.

Then we went to world of color. It was really cool!

Dad held Tiff up so she could see :)

Wouldn't be a trip to Disney without getting some ears!

Daddy's little girl!

Tiff and Mom

It was late and Blake was tired so I went back to the hotel and Brandon and Tiff went back over to the Disney side to ride Its a Small World one more time! They took a pic of the fireworks they saw on their way.

Tiffanys reaction to the news that the area of the park that Small world was in was closed because of the fireworks. Lol poor thing!

We had a fantastic first day at Disneyland!! Both kids did amazing and we are excited for tomorrow!!

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