Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sick day

My poor kid just can't catch a break :( Today we got up early to go to church and Tiffany was acting a little different but mostly just calm and sitting on dads lap. Well all of the sudden Brandon said are you ok Tiff? and she just started throwing up!! I grabbed one of Blakes little blankets and that wasn't enough so I grabbed another one and Brandon quickly got up and went to the bathroom. So needless to say we left church and went home. We put in Despicable me and then everyone but me fell asleep!!
Poor kiddo needed some rest!!
Dad and Tiff asleep :)
Blake didn't want to miss out on nap time either!!
Thankfully so far Blake has pretty much escaped getting sick...just a little cold and it didn't last long. Doesn't he look cute in his little tie shirt!
Nap time again for little Blakester!
He likes sleeping in Daddys arms :)

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