Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tiana squishy dress

Tiffany doesn't seem to like to sleep. She doesn't ever want to go to bed and she always wakes up early. For a while there she was waking up at 5 am!! We finally got her to stay in her room until 6 or we will take away one of her princess squishy dolls. What we really want is for her to get up at 7 so we tried bribing her! She loves the princess polly pocket dolls and we have most of them but don't have the Tiana one. So we bought it and told her when she sleeps till 7 she would get it.
Lets just say it has been in the closet for a while now!! Well this morning Brandon and I woke up at 6:30 and she still hadn't come in our room yet but there was a light on. I went and peeked in her room and there she was sitting in front of her clock waiting for it to turn 7.
She saw me and said mom go away I'm still sleeping. I said you are? She said "yes, I'm sleeping till 7!! I'm still in bed!" She was so stinking cute about it!! So Brandon and I let her wait until 7 and then we gave her the Tiana squishy dress!
Excited to get the doll!!
It's mine!!! ALL MINE!!!

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