Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our sweet Leah

Today our sweet Leah went to Heaven. We are so sad but we know she isn't in pain anymore. Two months ago we noticed something was wrong and took her in to see the vet. After a lot of tests and money they said she had an auto-immune disease. She was on all kinds of medicine. She was 100 pounds when we first took her in and during all of this she lost 25 pounds. Her head was very bony and it was so sad. The medicine seemed to be helping and we thought she was getting better. She started gaining a little weight and started eating like her normal self. Her energy started returning and we thought we were getting out of the woods. Today I was gone all morning and when I got home I noticed her heart beat was so fast, I could see it through her skin, it looked like a butterfly flapping it was so fast. Then I noticed her tongue was a kinda grey color and her gums had no color. We called the vet and they said to take her into the pet hospital. When we got there they took her back to check her out, she had a temp of 104 and her heart rate was 190. They said she had fluid around her heart and all around her stomach. They took a sample and said they were pretty sure it was cancer. Our vet had said there had to be another reason Leah wasn't getting better well this is why. The cancer had caused the auto-immune disease. Leah had no strength left, she couldn't even lift up her head. Brandon and I had to make the hard decision that it was her time to go to Heaven.

We love her and we will miss her!!! She was a crazy little (big) dog and she brought a lot of joy to our home!

Our first Christmas being married and we had just got Leah 2 weeks before.

Leah had a lot of energy and we felt she needed a friend so we got Kobe. They were the best of friends!!

At our old house Leah did not like to be locked up in the laundry room when we would leave. One day after I got home from work and let her out of the laundry room she went and pulled all of her toys out of it!

This is where Leah slept, at the top of the bed. I had to pull my pillow down about a foot so she would have room. I can't believe I am actually posting this!! When we first got Leah she would cry and cry so we decided to let her sleep with us. She was a tiny little fluff ball and didn't take up any room. Well as time went by she grew (and grew to 100 pounds!)!! When she was cold she would burrow her head next to mine. I can't believe that I actually miss having to pull my pillow down now :(
They loved looking out the window waiting for Dad to come home!
This was after they had done something bad. She never thought she was a dog!
Happy doggies!

Just another form of torture :) Oh how they loved the santa hats!!

Please take these off!!!!
Our super girls!
The super hero's!
Leah never realized how big she was, she was so funny. We got this swing set and she started climbing on it right away.
She loved going for walks and for rides in the car.
Tiff loves her dogs!
Leah was our first little baby and she brought so much joy to our home. We are sad that we only got to spend 5 years with her but we are grateful for those 5 years.

On the way home from the pet hospital Tiffany asked how Leah got to Heaven, I told her that she just went up. Tiffany then said that when she goes up to Heaven she is going to take a parachute so she can get back down!


Marie said...

That is so sad Becky. I am sorry Leah had to leave your family.

The Kingcannons said...

((Tears rolling))) I will always love Princess Leah!

Angela Hill said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had dogs that were part of the family and it is so hard when they go.... big hugs from the hill family