Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ITS A..............

Today was the big ultrasound!!! We actually took Tiffany with us!! She has been saying that she wants the baby to be a girl so that she will "match" and she doesn't want a boy brother. Daddy of course is hoping for a little boy so he can get started on his basketball team!
And its a BOY!!!
Tiffany was super cute when they said it was a boy, she said "So I'm gonna be a big sister!!!" She wasn't even a little upset that its a boy.
Tiff showing off the pic that shows the "boy part"
And of course a family pic!! We had to set the timer and set the camera on Brandons car so its not that great of a pic but I had to document the moment :)
We are super excited that we are finally going to have baby #2 and Tiffany can't wait to be a big sister!!!

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