Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our little lady is 3!!!

I can't believe that Tiffany is 3! Time has flown by!! Tiff woke up today super excited because it was finally her birthday! Its been a busy couple of months with a lot of other birthdays and she has been waiting for hers!
Waking up seeing all her decorations from her party and her gifts.
Yea! Its my birthday!
Almost time for school! Kobe wanted to talk on the phone!
The birthday girl at school with her teacher Mrs. Freeman
The birthday girl got to wear a crown!
She had so much fun at school! On the kids birthday you can bring cupcakes or what ever but since little miss Tiff doesn't like cupcakes we brought donuts!! Yummy!
After school we went over to her cousins house and Tiffany had a blast! Drew liked her guitar she got and they danced to the music!
Then we went home and did some slip-n-slide!
And the day ended with a SPLASH!!
We all had such a great day! And Tiffany is already looking forward to her next birthday!

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