Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tiffany's 3rd birthday party!

Today was Tiffany's 3rd birthday party and it was H-O-T!!! Had I known the 4 weeks earlier when I put a deposit on the ramada that there was going to be a HEAT WAVE I wouldn't have picked a park, but oh well what can ya do?! We had a good time despite the heat! I have sooo many pictures but I had to just pick a couple to put on here. A big thanks to Bonnie for helping me out and taking so many pictures!

Tiffany and Seth
Me, Martha and Heather
Ashley, Phil, Tamera, & Grandpa Steve
MFG & Mamaw
Grama, Nancy and Alisa
Scott, Dad and David
Bonnie & Dave
Tiff talking to Bapa
Mom & Tiffany
Bapa and Me
Mamaw, Jenn & Eric
The Daniels Family
Alisa, Me & Nancy
Grill master Scott!
Brandon, Phil & Grandpa Steve
Tiff and her daddy!
MFG & Bapa
Grandpa Brent & Mamaw
Our Family :)
Noah, Tiff, Nane, Drew & Ashley
The boys playing football
Me and BonnieCheese!!!
Tiffany picked out this pinata all by herself! She did a good job whacking it! All the kids had only one turn hitting it because the oldest (Ashley) knocked it down! GO Ashley!
Hurry...Get the candy!
Watching the kids do the pinata
Are you ready to blow out your candles?
Make a wish!!!!!!
Crazy uncle Scott! The kids love him!
Brandon & Becky
Present time! Tiffany is so lucky to have such great Family and Friends! She got soooo much stuff! Thank you everyone!!
I got a lot of stuff Mom!!!
Thank you to everyone that came even though it was so hot! And thank you for all of Tiffany's stuff! She is having a blast playing with all her new toys!


Marie said...

She is so cute! Happy birthday Tiff! That is getting me scared Gracie is only a couple of months behind her and she can't be three yet. My baby is growing up too fast!

The Kingcannons said...

We had a great time...despite the heat--it wasn't THAT bad! =) Oh and I had a blast being the designated photographer!